starting from 39€ per month/user
plus one-time setup fee of 999,- € per customer


The Business package is intended for all employees with higher requirements for the processors and working memory.
Starting from 39€ per month/user.*

plus one-time setup fee of 999,- € per customer Setup
The complete price of 999,- € includes all preparatory activities, which are necessary for the seamless integration of Desktop365 into your IT infrastructure. During the implementation we will connect our managed service with your systems, so you can for example easily access files from your file storage (file server), work with your enterprise resource planning or print documents from the cloud at your office. We will make sure that you can log in to our service with your usual company user credentials (Single-Sign-On). Together with your IT department/ IT service provider or after prior agreement, we will independently carry out all necessary adjustments in your IT environment to make sure that you can use our managed service without any issues.

  • Fully integrated into your existing IT
  • Using your existing user authentication
  • Possible integration of your software
  • High-level IT security with multi-factor authentication and rule-based access
  • Fail-safe, if desired with high availability
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For those who need more

With a focus on team members with higher demands regarding processors and working memory, the Business package is adapted for the use in areas such as controlling, web or print design, development, administration or system support.


Mastering the most demanding tasks

In order to be able to use even the most demanding applications without any problems or to run several applications parallel, the workplace of all team members who need a more powerful setup will be perfectly equipped with the Business package.

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Tailored to your corporate structure

Our service will be fully integrated into your existing IT. The integration of your software is also possible. The modern workplaces with our managed service are fail-safe and, if desired, also offered with high availability for you and your employees.

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Including the highest safety standards

We will use your existing user authentication for the login at the modern workplaces. In addition, we offer you IT security at the highest level with multi-factor authentication and rule-based access.

Comprehensive customization options

Independent from which package you select you have the possibility to choose from a variety of additional and optional add-ons in addition to the normal offer. We gladly support you in making the right choice for you and thus create an individual, customized offer together with you.

Starting from one user

In order to make your offer as suitable as possible, our services are already available from one user. This gives you the freedom to implement each individual workplace according to the requirements. The price per user is calculated on a fixed monthly rate, so that monthly expenses and costs can be planned and calculated in advance.

Leave the administration to us

Thanks to Desktop365, the complexity of a terminal server environment belongs to the past. With our managed service, we offer you the freedom of decentralized access to documents and applications, as well as the flexible and location-independent use of business software without the extensive administrative effort.

Monthly flexibility

The monthly billing of our services ensures that your rates remain calculable. At the same time, we enable you to adjust your subscribed seats on a monthly basis. Depending on your needs, you can flexibly reduce or expand the number of users and thus have the opportunity to regularly adjust your requirements.

Designed for


Operating system Windows 10 and 11 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops
Processor type AMD EPYC
CPU / User 4 virtual cores
Memory / User 14 GB
Graphics card Shared AMD Radeon
Graphics memory 4 GB
Bandwidth up to 100 Mbps (expandable via add-on)
Security integrated multi-factor authentication
Support can be added as an add-on
**Data per user refers to the simultaneous use of all subscribed seats. If fewer users are working at the same time, more resources are available.

This package is optimized for users of the following business units:

  • Controlling
  • Design (Web/Print)
  • Development
  • Administration
  • System Support

Establish the remote workplace together with us

Choose from our Essentials, Business or Enterprise package or combine the packages according to your individual requirements and needs.

our starter package


per month/user

The Essentials package is suitable for all employees who frequently use Office, web or administrative applications.

the carefree package


per month/user

Our most powerful package has been created for users with high requirements for processors and graphics card.

*The following minimum purchase quantities apply: Essentials package at least 1 user. Business package at least 3 users. Enterprise package at least 10 users.
If Microsoft Azure is chosen as the compute platform, we will be happy to assist you in selecting the right VM sizes. The additional compute fees for this will be charged to-the-minute and billed separately.