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To meet the increasing demands of customers and the expanding mobile workforce, organizations of all sizes are moving towards an always connected workplace – where employees can work from anywhere and on any device.

Today, small, and mid-sized businesses are turning towards Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions, which enables workers to access the apps and data they need to get their job done. Even when it comes to workplaces in media or Enterprise divisions with high demands on graphics card and processor.

Make the most of the potential of Microsoft Azure and Windows 10 in the cloud. There has never been a better time to choose Desktop-as-a-Service.

Here are 8 impulses why Desktop365 is the right solution for you:


Enable cost-effective IT

When you deliver apps and desktops from the cloud, you eliminate the capital expenses associated with maintaining a datacenter because you only pay for what you use. Desktop365 with Microsoft Azure cloud services and Windows 10 offers the best DaaS solution for IT control and business ROI.


Access work from any device

The services we offer with Desktop365 are accessible from any HTML5-capable browsers or mobile applications, so you can finally work from any device, including iOS, Android, Chromebook, laptop, desktop, or thin client. Users work in the same environment, regardless of the device they are using, so that even changing devices during the day works smoothly.


Deliver a great user experience

Desktop365 guarantees an optimal user experience regardless of whether you work at home, in the office or on the go. Resource-intensive applications and demanding graphics can be used and run as smoothly as simpler applications and documents. Your employees get everything they need to make their day a success: a desktop that can handle any tasks and requirements.


Equip remote or temporary staff

With Desktop365, applications and desktops can be made available quickly and easily even to employees who are working remotely or for a limited time. Likewise, these workplaces can be easily closed as soon as they are no longer needed. Without lengthy provision cycles or unnecessary costs.


Centralize and simplify application delivery

Concentrate on your core business and leave the administration, monitoring and maintenance of your remote workplaces to us. From our range of standard applications, we are happy to provide you with applications such as Microsoft Office. We routinely integrate applications such as SAP GUI, Adobe Creative Cloud or AutoDesk AutoCAD according to your requirements. The installation and update maintenance of the software can be easily booked as part of our service.


Improve security and GDPR compliance

Because Desktop365 is delivered virtually, your sensitive information is stored in the cloud, not on a device, which protects it from loss, theft, or defective devices. This takes your company one step further towards compliance with GDPR and other data protection regulations.


Ensuring operational procedures even in exceptional situations

Scale up the number of desktops on demand and without additional investment. Whether the public transport system is on strike, your office space is not accessible due to renovation or damage, or you unexpectedly need to send your employees to their home office, we can provide remote workplaces for all your needs quickly, securely and easily.


Simplify infrastructure changes and optimize ROI

Extending or reducing the size of your team by large numbers can threaten the time-related success of mergers. Within a short period of time Desktop365 makes time-critical, yet necessary infrastructure changes possible. By provisioning workplaces on demand simply and flexibly, you can integrate new offices, employees, or entire companies into your infrastructure in record time.

Learn how Desktop365 can future-proof your business today.