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starting from 19€ per month/user*
establish the remote workplace together with us
High availability
In order to avoid downtimes caused by critical updates or restarts, we offer you increased system stability with this Add-On — for uninterrupted access to your resources.
139 € per month
Backup of workstations
Protect yourself against data loss or system failure caused by faulty updates, malware or configuration mistakes. With this add-on we secure the current status of your work every day and keep it for 31 days.
12 € per month/virtual machine
Roaming user profiles
Store your data centrally and continue working where you stopped previously — with roaming user profiles you will no longer have to think about where you saved files and documents.
3 € per month/user
Bandwidth upgrade
In all packages you can access the services with a Essentials speed up to 100 Mbps to your own data center or server room, such as file servers or CRM-backend — with this Add-On we offer you more performance through an upgrade of up to 650 Mbps.
159 € per month
Rule-based access
Enable your employees to print from our managed service on a locally connected printer or disable the copying of information between the devices of employees and your infrastructure — share your compliance requirements with us and we will implement them effortlessly for you.
1 € per month/rule
Active Monitoring
We fix malfunctions proactively when something is not working as planned — use our premium service for monitoring. Concentrate on your core business without the need to make a call-in case of major problems.
5 € per month/user
You will receive support as soon as possible, if your employees cannot sign in or other applications don’t work as desired — use our professional technical support for inquires concerning all problems of the devices your employees work with.
10 € per month/user
Office license
We provide you with the suitable licenses (already available from one user), if you don't have a license for Office or your current license doesn't support the use of the cloud — feel free to contact us if you need any further licenses.
12 € per month/user
Application delivery
We integrate the applications that are in use by your company, easily and quickly into your subscribed environment at Desktop365 — we take over the update maintenance with the latest manufacturer updates for you.
one-time 99 € per application / update
Give our managed service an individual design with your logo and corporate colors. We adapt the user interface to your corporate identity, so that your employees notice already when logging in, that this is a service of your company.
2 € per month/user
Alternative authentication method
Determine the authentication method of our managed service yourself. In case you already operate a Citrix ADC and would like to use it to authenticate at our service or if you use alternative authentication services such as RADIUS, we are happy to integrate these into our service.
possible, price upon request
Surface devices
To enable your employees to work with a mobile device remotely, we offer you with this Add-On a Microsoft Surface device at a monthly fixed rate. Including comprehensive equipment insurance and Microsoft Advanced Exchange. Have a look at the website of our partner Surface.Love for further information and the complete selection of devices.

powered by Surface.Love

from 15 € per month

Establish the remote workplace together with us

Choose from our Essentials, Business or Enterprise package or combine the packages according to your individual requirements and needs.

our starter package


per month/user

The Essentials package is suitable for all employees who frequently use Office, web or administrative applications.

ideal for SME


per month/user

The Business package is intended for all employees with higher requirements for processors and working memory.

the carefree package


per month/user

Our most powerful package has been created for users with high requirements for processors and graphics card.

plus one-time setup fee of 999,- € per customer
All preparatory measures required for the seamless integration of Desktop365 into your IT infrastructure are included.
*The following minimum purchase quantities apply: Essentials package at least 1 user. Business package at least 3 users. Enterprise package at least 10 users.
If Microsoft Azure is chosen as the compute platform, we will be happy to assist you in selecting the right VM sizes. The additional compute fees for this will be charged to-the-minute and billed separately.